Two children

First child (large four-leaf clover):
To become aware that the language of man fails. Thus the language of things remains untranslatable. Here, the unnamable. The onomatopoetic hebrew word Ruach – breath, gust, wind (consider, that god breathes his breath into man) is what seems possible in the language of man. It penetrates the walls: images. They (the images) coalesce in a community, that does not want to have a name, it reveals itself as sound, unreconciled it puts us in abiding unease. Ghetto , Warsaw, Assaf, the words clatter in the room. Where destiny, deeds, my deep, impellent desire guide me, paradise, where language is perfectly knowing, is far. Remember: “The translation of the language of things into that of man is not only a translation of the mute into the sonic; it is also the translation of the nameless into name.” (Walter Benjamin)

Second child (small four-leaf clover):
In the year 5780 I met a sage. He was soul, ground, inebriation, high spirits, and confidence: kindred in God. In his suffering, perceptiveness and penetration of all things have I seen light. Would I have met him as body, he would have bathed me in holy water, and taken me with him. Of the prayers for Assaf, of his words and mine, it is me forbidden to speak: I have made signs.

Third child (Great Bear, constellation):
04.02.2020: Would here be fire, my body shall burn, and all that in it is. rishrésh!

Note, November 2019: 7 is the number of the young light
Understand! There is no place empty of Shekinah. (manifestation of the Presence of God. Divine Presence, that which dwells)
1. Onomatopoeia is the process of creating a word that phonetically imitates, resembles, or suggests the sound that it describes. Third Child: rishrésh! (to make noise, rustle)

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